The New Client Journey

Work smarter, not harder to increase retail sales and client loyalty.

Learn how to optimize your clients' experience to get them invested in the process and ready to spend — so you can stop hard-selling retail and begging for that rebook! 



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In this educational conversation, we'll cover...

How the traditional client
journey falls short

Even when done well! We go step-by-step to show how the client experience "best practices" you've been taught are NOT optimizing your sales

A forward-thinking approach to
client experience

We'll walk you through a modern client journey resulting in commitment to future appointments and retail purchases — without selling

A special offer for webinar
attendees only

In celebration of Sales Haters Academy, we have a special bonus offer for each attendee to further support your sales success!

The Details

A conversation with Founder and Lead Educator, Mara Jenkins and Managing Editor, Marie Adamo of Skin Care Literature — on a topic we are VERY passionate about.

Join us as we examine the client journey formula we've all been taught — and just how much more lucrative it could be!

From the perspective that estheticians are more than just skincare salespeople or service providers – we're skin health experts worth listening to!

Presented in celebration of...

Sales Haters Academy

The New School of Retail for Career Estheticians

We'll be tackling the #1 complaint we hear from estheticians – your clients just don't understand the value of consistent treatments and professional-grade home care.  
We can change that!

There are only 3 opportunities and limited seats to get in on the conversation! Don't miss out.



About Your Hosts


As a medical aesthetician, CIDESCO diplomat and global educator, Mara founded Skin Care Literature to provide the brand-agnostic, business-savvy education she couldn't find in our industry. 

Through her experience training over 5000 skin care professionals around the world, she knows that marketing jargon and the traditional 'feature + benefits' lists are NOT an effective way to sell in 2021.

With the mission to help estheticians become recognized (and compensated) as the experts they are, she created Sales Haters Academy: an online course teaching her proven formula for easy and consistent sales — now and throughout your career. 



With an extensive background in multi-location spa management and practitioner development, it’s no surprise that Marie knows what works (and what doesn't!) when it comes to selling skincare.

In addition to helping estheticians reach their professional goals, Marie’s years of experience working in sales and business development for international skincare brands have informed her modern approach to increasing skincare sales. Plus, as an avid treatment-goer herself, she’s fiercely passionate about what defines a great client experience – and what makes her choose to spend! 

Together, in this educational conversation, Mara and Marie share what no longer works in the traditional treatment journey and exactly how important the client experience is when it comes to increasing sales and growing client loyalty.

Optimize your Client Journey

There are only 3 opportunities and limited seats available to get in on this conversation — for free! Don't sleep on this.